Poland won at last after a tight game against Germany.

Poland scored their first goal ten minutes into the game, signed Katarzyna Slonina. Less than a minute later they also scored 2-0, this time by Zuzanna Kluczynska. By now Poland had really started to get their offence going and kept creating opportunities to score. Germany too managed to get really close a couple of times, but they did not get lucky today.

The second period took of where the first one ended and both of the teams kept creating great opportunities, but an impressive defence from both teams would make the result 2-0 last the entire period. Halfway through the third period Germany could not fight back anymore and after various good attempts they finally scored 3-0. During the final minutes of the game, Germany decided to take out their goalkeeper and try one last time, but they did not succeed and instead Katarzyna Slonina could finish the game by scoring 4-0 in the empty goal.

–  Confidence and organization was the key to our win today, says Slonina


MVP Poland: Katarzyna Slonina

MVP Germany: Janika Willingmann


You can follow all the games of the tournament at IFF:s YouTube channel, click the link here.

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