Home team Sweden is chasing their fourth gold medal in a row in the U19 World Floorball Championships – and began their chase with a 4-2-win against Slovakia.

After tight first minutes in the game Sweden´s Lovisa Åström broke the zero and made it one, with an assist from Hanna Othberg. The score became bigger just after 32 seconds in the second period when same Åström found same Othberg with a nice diagonal pass to 2-0.

Slovakia had a super tight defence with a superb goalkeeper in Nina Vartovnikova, who made many impressive saves. The team´s first goal in the tournament came in the middle of the second period when Linda Pudisova made it 2-1.

In the third period Slovakia tried to move forward and made 2-2 after just three minutes. Sweden, as favorites in the tournament, stepped up and tried to break the solid Slovakian wall.
And after 11 minutes, Minna Karlsson did 3-2.

Slovakia was close to get a third goal in the end of the game, but instead Sweden´s Mathilda Ekenlinde did 4-2 when Slovakia played without a goalkeeper.

The players of the game became Slovakia´s Nina Vartovnikova and Sweden´s Moa Johansson.

All the games from the U19 World Floorball Championships can be streamed at IFF´s Youtube Channel.

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