At the end of the very dramatic game Switzerland were the winners.

The spectators in IFU Arena got to witness high quality floorball in the game between Switzerland and Finland. After seven minutes Switzerland took the lead via a counter-attack where Leonie Wieland scored the goal. They did not get to keep their lead for long though, barely two minutes later Finland evened out the score with a beautiful goal, completely according to the play book. But, the set-back for Switzerland did not make them slow down their pace, instead they took back the lead with a goal from Anja Wyss. After elven minutes played, Switzerland got a two minute penalty which Finland took well advantage off and evened out the score once again. This time by Iida Mettälä.

The second period was just as tight as the first one, but during the last minutes Switzerland levelled up and scored both 3-2 and 4-2. In the third period history repeated itself when Switzerland got another two minute penalty and Iida Mettälä scored for Finland once again. Team Finland did not get ant closer than that though. Team Switzerland managed to fend off the attacks from Finland and win the game with 4-3.

–  It was fantastic. It feels so good to win against this team because it is our first win against Finland, says MVP for Switzerland Leonie Wieland.


MVP Switzerland: Leonie Wieland

MVP Finland:  Alma Laitila


You can follow all the games of the tournament at IFF:s YouTube channel, click the link here.

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