The Womens U19 WFC will be played in IFU Arena in Uppsala. Both the main arena and the second arena are within IFU Arena. At the main arena all games in Group A and B, semifinals and medal games will be played. At the second arena all games in group C and D as well as placement games will take place.

Questions and answers about ticketing are found here.

Tickets are sold separately to the main arena and the second arena.

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Tickets sales start 10th of October


Categories IFU Arena A – Maincourt

Category 1 – Seating, section E and L

Category 2 – Seating, section D, F, K and M

Category 3 – Seating section A, B , C, H, J, N, O, P and Q

Date - Category123
Wed 1st Sep - DAYTIME150100/60100/60
Wed 1st Sep - EVENING250200/100100/60
THU 2nd Sep - DAYTIME150100/60100/60
THU 2nd Sep - EVENING250200/100100/60
FRI 7 3rd Sep - DAYTIME150100/60100/60
FRI 3rd Sep - EVENING250200/100100/60
SAT 4th Sep - DAY300250/100150/100
SUN 5th Sep - DAY350300/150200/150

All prices are in SEK and includes service fee.


Tickets for IFU Arena B – Second Court

To the second court there are tickets available for each day. It is open seating with no numbered seats. Price is 100 SEK for adults and 50 SEK for children (age 4-16). Children under 4 are free of charge but must sit on an adult’s lap.

If you buy a ticket for Arena B it does not allow you entrance to Arena A. You must purchase a separate ticket.

If you buy a ticket for Arena A you can attend Arena B subject to seating being available.