The Women’s U19 WFC 2020 has finally been given the go ahead to be played. Postponed several times from it’s original date in May 2020, the event will be played in Uppsala, Sweden from 1st – 5th September 2021. Due to Covid-19, not all of the qualified teams are able to participate. From the original 16, only 9 teams will compete in the final event.

Finland (2)Sweden (1)
Poland (4)Czech Republic (3)
Switzerland (5)Slovakia (8)
Germany (7)Latvia (9)
Russia (10)

Due to the reduced number of teams a modified playing format and match schedule will be used. You can see find the full match schedule here.

According to current restrictions, a maximum of 300 spectators are allowed, but the local organisers are hopeful that this number will be increased closer to the event. Ticket sales have been paused for now, as the 300 maximum has already been reached. Further information on any new ticket releases will be published as it is known.


Originally, the Women’s U19 WFC 2020 was to use a new playing system. 16 teams were to play in one division (rather than the old A- & B-divisions) and divided into four groups according to ranking and ballot. After the group stage, the 4th placed teams in the two higher-ranked groups would play a cross-over match against the top placed teams in the lower two groups. These matches would determine the groups they will be placed in for the next event, giving the possibility for two teams (rather than only one) to move up or down between the groups. This change moves the U19 WFC closer to the playing system that is used for adult WFCs, however it means that the U19 WFC final round is still played in five days and that only a team within the top eight can win the title. This format will now be used for U19 WFC 2022.


For information on the originally registered teams read the news article on the record number of participating teams.