After an amazing fight Finland takes the golden medal home, after 5-4 against Sweden.

Both teams started the match with extreme speed, we could feel the hunger for gold medal in the air. There was innumerable body contact and tough fight between the teams.

For one second the Swedish players took their eyes of the ball and the Finnish team used this moment to take the lead. After a little chaos in front of the Finnish goal Sweden equalized the result. First period’s end result was 1-1.

The second period started with a Swedish fault that led to a beautiful Finnish freeshot goal. As the teams the fans also gave their bests that resulted another Swedish goal. Second period again ended with equal -result 2-2.

– It’s a really special feeling to play in front of a crowd again, said Swedish MVP Matilda Lindgren.

Very hard work on behalf of both teams and plenty of great shots but Ulla Valtola with an individual action again aquired the lead for Finland. But as we got used to it the Swedish answer arrived a few minutes later with an amazing cross pass goal. Third period’s end result was 4-4.

After the super exciting last minutes both teams were facing the overtime. All the players had fierce eyes, everyone wanted that golden medal. There were some extraordinary shots in stock for the overtime as well. Both teams were giving their bests but in the 6th minute Finland surpassed Sweden and scored the final goal.
Gold match’s end result was 5-4 for Finland in overtime.

– We were better and better by time. We did it!, said Finnish MVP Ulla Valtola.

MVP Sweden: Matilda Lindgren
MVP Finland: Ulla Valtola

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