Finland won comfortably against Russia in the first game of the championships.

The first period of the game started out quite apprehensive, but it would not take long until Finland took a firm grip of the game. After seven minutes played, Finland scored their first goal by Jasmiina Järvinen. A few minutes later a messy situation in front of Russia’s goal lead up to a chance för Tuulia Lahti, and she did not hesitate to give Finland the 2-0 lead. Before the ending of the first period Finland also managed to improve their lead to both 3-0 and 4-0.

In the second period Finland continued to dominate the game and after little less than seven minutes they had extended their lead to 7-0. This despite Russia’s impressive fighting spirit. If it had not been for their tight defence, the lead for Finland could have been even bigger at this point.

The third period started off with an early goal for Finland. After that it would take up until the very last minute of the game before any of the teams scored another goal. The 9-0 goal was Suvi Hämäläinen’s third of the day, and also the final result.

MVP Finland: Suvi Hämäläinen

MVP Russia: Aleksandra Semenikhina

You can follow all the games of the torunament at IFF:s YouTube channel, click the link here.


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