Latvia ultimately won a tough game against Slovakia.
– It was a really important game for us, says Slovakia’s MVP Samanta Bērziņa.

It only took six (!) seconds for Latvia to take the lead in their battle against Slovakia. The goal was made by Laura Gaugere. The Latvian happiness would not last for long though, just half a minute later the Slovaks evened out the score. Over all the first period was very tight and both Latvia and Slovakia were playing with a lot of speed, constantly striving forward. By the end of the period the score was Latvia 3 – Slovakia 2.

In the second period the teams kept playing a great offence, once again Latvia scored three times and Slovakia two. The high tempo and implicit will to win from both teams lasted during the third period as well. After Slovakia managed to cut Latvia’s lead twice the intensity really peaked. Despite desperate attempts to equalize from Slovakia, Latvia finally won the game 7-6.

–  I think our defence was the key to our win today, says Bērziņa.


MVP Latvia: Samanta Bērziņa

MVP Slovakia: Michaela Krajcova

You can follow all the games of the tournament at IFF:s YouTube channel, click the link here.

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