In the last group match Russia finally took their first win. Elizaveta Nadeeva became the big hero with her two goals in the 2-0-victory against Germany.

The match between Russia and Germany was a tight one, with chances flowing back and forward. Before the match Germany had 1 point and Russia 0. That meant Russia needed to win to take the fouth place in the group.

Russia´s Elizaveta Nadeeva had a good day and started of with an early goal, just after one minute in the game. Sofia Rumiantseva-Mishina found Nadeeva who put the ball in net.

In this scenario, Russia had passed Germany in the group, which meant now Germany had to score. They tried to move forward and created chances, but Russia´s goalkeeper Aleksandra Akutina kept clean.

Instead Nadeeva would be the big hero for Russia when she did her second goal for the day. In the third period she got a pass from Iuliia Strogaleva and scored again.

The result meant that Russia plays Slovakia tomorrow, where the winner secures the 7th place in the tournament. The loser will play Germany on Sunday.

The players of the game were rewarded Germany´s Lisa Gehrig and Russia´s Aleksandra Akutina.

All the games from the U19 World Floorball Championships can be streamed at IFF´s Youtube Channel.

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