Finland took their second win in the U19 World Championships in Uppsala when they beat Germany with 13-1.

Finland began the championships by beating Russia 9-0 this morning. In the afternoon´s game against Germany the Finnish team showed their strength again.
Sanni Uimarihuhta became the first goal scorer, assisted by Sofia Mittentag after only 1.06 in the first period. Cira Virta followed up when she did 2-0 a bit later.

Finland had the lead with 6-0 after the first period, but Germany created chances and were super close to score various times. And in the second period, their first goal came. Virginia Kunkel found a ball to Luisa Diesener who scored 7-1.

But this game was all about Finland offence. When the third period started Finland had the lead with 10-1. And the goals kept on coming, with a final result 13-1.

The players of the game became Germany´s Luisa Diesener and Finland´s Suvi Hamalainen.

All the games from the U19 World Floorball Championships can be streamed at IFF´s Youtube Channel.

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