Switzerland won their premiere game against Poland.

From the very beginning it was a close game between Poland and Switzerland. In the second minute Switzerland scored their first goal by Leonie Wieland, assisted by Laila Ediz. After this goal the game went a lot back and forth, where none of the nations were able to take control. Schweiz came on strong in the beginning of the second period as well and commenced by scoring an early goal yet another time. Just like the first goal, the second one was scored by the duo Wieland and Ediz. Just like the first period, the second one would also be a very even game during a long period of time, but in the fourteenth minute Switzerland scored another goal, this time by Dina Koch.

The third period offered increased intensity and high quality floorball from both teams. Switzerland quickly extended their lead to both 4-0 and 5-0, but in the fifth minute of the game Poland took advantage of their power play and narrowed down the score to 1-5. All of a sudden the game was very much alive again and tension high, something Switzerland wanted to come to an end. In the ninth minute they took control over the game by scoring 6-1. This result lasted to the very end of the game and the final result between Poland and Switzerland is therefore stated 1-6.

MVP for team Switzerland Laila Ediz was happy about the team effort:

– We played very well and had a lot of fun.


MVP Poland: Dominika Buczek #8

MVP Switzerland: Laila Ediz  #7

You can follow all the games of the tournament at IFF:s YouTube channel, click the link here. 

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